Nissan announces partnership with TVA

Nissan announces partnership with TVA (Image 1)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Over 1,000 people celebrated the grand opening of Nissan's corporate headquarters in Franklin Tuesday morning.

The new center serves as the regional headquarters for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Nissan also Tuesday announced a new partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority to bring zero emission vehicles to Middle Tennessee by 2010.

Nissan President and CEO Charles Ghosn announced his vision to work with the TVA to work toward zero emission vehicles, which includes the use of an electric car.

The idea of a vehicle that doesn't use gas is still hard for people to get used to but the idea will soon be a reality.

“I do believe that Tennesseans, within three or four years, will be driving tens of thousands of plugged in, electric vehicles and filling up for a dollar of two instead of $80 or $90 of gasoline,” said U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander.

Ghosn said, “So unless you find a solution where people can drive cars without using oil, we will not feel we're doing our job or have a sustainable mobility in the future.”

Governor Phil Bredesen is agreeing to research ways the state can help support new infrastructure needed to make electric cars a possibility for the every day driver.

Nissan said their desire to make zero emission vehicles won't stop at electric cars.

A car that runs on hydrogen power and only releases water vapor into the atmosphere was unveiled at Tuesday's grand opening.

Officials, however, said it will be a few more years before the hydrogen-powered car is available to the public.

Nissan said they have already started moving toward zero emission vehicles in Israel, Denmark and Portugal.

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