Hendersonville football team takes to the field

Hendersonville football team takes to the field (Image 1)

The Hendersonville High School football team and high school football teams across the state began practice early Tuesday morning.

Last year, the summer heat forced many school systems to stop practicing outdoors.

This year, Hendersonville Head Coach Bruce Hatfield said heat policies have been adjusted.

“It just depends on what the heat index is,” he told News 2.  “It'll mandate that maybe we go a little bit later in the evenings or the afternoons, also making sure that we check with our certified trainers and our athletic director and also the principals are also involved.”

Hatfield said this week is more like pre-training, to prepare the players for official practice which starts next week.

“We certainly don't want to shock their systems and stuff, everybody in this county lifts and runs with their off season program and now we're just, we're putting the head gears on to get them used to that again, and then next week the equipment goes on, so it's kind of a process where we ease them into it,” he said.

Coach Hatfield said besides being conscious of when they practice, on very hot days he gives his players water breaks every 10 minutes.

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