Climber rescued from cave

Climber rescued from cave (Image 1)

A climber had to be rescued Monday night after he fell while descending into a cave near Highway 70 and McCrory Creek Road.

The Nashville Fire Department was called to the scene around 10 p.m.

Officials said the man was with two others when he apparently slipped and fell 15 to 20 feet, striking his head.

“It's a little bit wet in their and obviously with a lot of cave areas you have water seeping in and all around the cave,” said District Fire Assistant Mike Franklin.  “We got the call, we sent out our technical, rescue team and we put our people down in the hole to get him out.”

Nashville firefighters train for rescues like Monday's but said they rarely have to pull people out of caves.

In this case, the climbers might not have been as prepared as they thought.

“From what I've seen on the ground here, I would have advised them not to have done it, I'm not seeing any rigging on the ones that I've seen on the ground here,” said Franklin.  “That's part of the problem with these cave systems along all over Tennessee, young people they see these things and they want to go down into them, but to answer your question I would say no, they were not prepared to be in this cave.”

The rescued man was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a head injury.

He was last listed in stable condition.

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