Interstate traffic tickets may get dismissed

Interstate traffic tickets may get dismissed (Image 1)
Interstate traffic tickets may get dismissed (Image 1)

Traffic violators issued tickets this year on Interstate 24 within the Coopertown city limits may have their tickets dismissed.

The Coopertown Police Department has worked with the Tennessee Department of Safety since 2005 to work Interstate 24 within the city limits.

To patrol the road, Coopertown police must submit an agreement to the Department of Safety on annually, and the agreement must be approved.

This year, however, the city and the police department discovered the agreement was never submitted.

Because of this, the chief of police and the mayor are asking the city court judge to dismiss all tickets given to drivers that have yet to go to court.

Drivers who got a ticket before June 6 may get a free pass, but they must still go to court.

While the department suspended traffic enforcement for a period once they discovered their mistake, they are back to writing tickets legally.

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