Houston Co. students will go to school Memorial Day

Houston Co. students will go to school Memorial Day (Image 1)
Houston Co. students will go to school Memorial Day (Image 1)

Students in Houston County will be going to school on Memorial Day this year.

When school officials started looking at the calendar more than a year ago, they said they decided to have school on Memorial Day as a way to help students with their finals.

Cathy Harvey, Houston County director of schools, said, “[I] felt it wasn't a good practice to come in on Tuesday, after a holiday celebration and three days out of school, and take exams Tuesday morning.”

The decision has not gone over well in the small, mostly blue-collar and very patriotic town.

Angry parents took their concerns to the school board who eventually voted to cut the day in half.

Still, students expected to be in class until around 12 noon and parents aren't satisfied.

Wendy Fulcher said, “[The] reason we have these schools is because of our men and women who fought for us and they deserve one day.  One day of honor and remembrance.”

Harvey said they will honor veterans and war heroes in school Monday and that this Memorial Day may actually hold more significance than others.

“We're not just dismissing school and sending kids home.  We're having activities planned, veterans coming in and talking to our children.  I think we are observing it.  There's more ways to observe something rather than just taking the day off,” she said.

This year isn't the first time Houston County schools will hold classes on Memorial Day but after the controversy this year, Harvey said it will likely be the last.

The decision to split the day in half and bring students back for another half day on Thursday will end up costing the county more money in fuel costs, since the buses will run two days instead of one.

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