Mindy McCready talks exclusively with News 2

Mindy McCready talks exclusively with News 2 (Image 1)

Country singer Mindy McCready spoke with News 2 amid reports she had a 10-year-old love affair with baseball great Roger Clemens.

The New York Daily News reported McCready had an affair with the New York Yankee pitching ace early last week.

The relationship allegedly began when Clemens was 28-years-old and married with two children. McCready was just 15-years-old.

Friday, McCready confirmed the relationship to News 2 and said she is trying to stay focused on her work.

News 2: “Is it true you had a love affair with Roger Clemmons?”
McCready: “My quote in the paper was I did not refute any of the story.”
News 2:  “Have you known him since you were 15?”
McCready: “Yes, I have known him for a long time, yes since I was 15.”
News 2: “Are ya'll still friends?”
McCready: “I haven't spoken to him in a long time.”
News 2: “So you haven't heard from him since all of this came out?”
McCready: “Not personally.”

According to the New York Daily News report, the relationship didn't turn sexual until after McCready moved to Nashville, and found some success in country music.
Friday, McCready spent part of the day at Oceanway Recording Studios on Music Row.

“We are going to do some stuff for my Web site, put some stuff on the internet,” she told News 2.

She had a documentary camera following her around for an upcoming reality show.

Just four months ago, McCready was behind bars for battery and resisting arrest.  She said the affair allegations with Clemens are better than that.

“It's better than jail.  Anything is better than jail,” she said.

Clemens said he has known McCready for years, but denies their relationship was ever intimate.

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