TDOT works overnight, Drivers still need be cautious

The snow continued to fall in Tennessee Saturday morning.

Counties across the state reported as little as a dusting of a snow to as much as eight inches of snow.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation worked overnight to try to prevent accidents on the roads.

News 2 talked to TDOT spokesperson B. J. Doughty by phone Saturday morning.

TDOT crews have been working since 6 p.m. Friday night, covering the roads with salt.

She said crews have used an estimated 1,300 to 1,400 tons of salt on the roads.

Friday, TDOT was unable to coat the roads with brine, a salt and water mixture, until the rain turned into snow Friday night.

“Unfortunately, when we see a weather event start as rain, we're unable to use that brine, because it would simply wash it off the roadways,” Doughty said.

She said that even with that delay in preparing for the snow, TDOT crews did an excellent job plowing and salting the roads.

TDOT crews plow over the main lanes of the interstates first, then go back and get the snow on the shoulders, so that the snow does not get back into the roadways.

The ramps are the last part of the process.

The interstates seemed to be in fairly good condition Saturday morning, but TDOT said drivers still need to be extraordinarily careful on bridges and overpasses Saturday morning.

“People get a false sense of security, because the roads are in good enough shape that they may be traveling a little faster than they should be,” she said.

The majority of the problems overnight were on the interchange ramps– the ramps to get on and off of interstates.

TDOT crews will be out continuously Saturday and through the night, in case of refreezing.

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