Emissions test turned frightening for Franklin woman

A Franklin woman is upset after workers at an emissions testing station in Cool Springs pushed her car out of the testing bay and down a hill after her car battery died.

“They put my car in neutral, with me in it, and they got two large guys and they pushed it down the hill in the pouring rain,” Shari Lacy recalled.

“It was one of those situations where it happened so quickly that I was so stunned.  I found it appalling, especially with the weather.  They pushed me down the hill.”

With no electrical power, the power brakes and steering were inoperative.

“Had cars been coming I would have been scared,” she said.  “I couldn't stop.”

Adding insult to injury, Lacy's electric window was open and rain came pouring in.

“So not only did I get pushed down the hill with no power steering or brakes, but I also got soaking wet,” she told News 2.

Just down from the testing center is a tire shop.

Employees there told Lacy what the emissions station did is not uncommon.
“I walked in and told them the emissions place pushed me down the hill with no brakes and no power and he said, 'Yeah, they do that quite often',” she said.

Steve Kircher is the program manager for EnviroTest, the company that runs the Cool Springs testing center.

“I bet it happens once a day at least, where we have some reason to push them out of the way, to where they get assistance,” he said.  “This is the very first time I have heard of someone free wheeling down the hill and not informed or knew what they were doing.”

Kircher said he didn't learn of the incident until he was contacted by News 2.

He said employees are not permitted to jump batteries or attempt mechanical work.

Kircher said they are authorized to push stalled vehicles, but employees are first supposed to warn customers.

He said, “They are supposed to tell the customer when they push you out you should veer to the left where you can use our phone or our facility until help arrives.”

Lacy said a warning would have made all the difference.

Kircher said he has apologized to Lacy.

“Our customer service is not to push you in a crazy position,” he said.

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